ELECTROLYTES!ELECTROLYTES!!tips pls. on how to study them!

  1. please send your tips to make those electrolytes values, problems, etc.. easier to familiarize..just had a hard time memorizing them all..the "HYPOS" and the "HYPERS"... what could be the best strategies??thanx
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  3. by   texasnursingstudent
    Go online to bn.com or amazon.com and immediately purchase Mosby's Fluid & Memory NoteCards. The first listed author is "Zerwekh." I don't know how much it will cost, especially if your local book store doesn't carry it in stock (call them first with the author's last name and title to find out before looking to buy online) - but if you have to get it online...it is well worth the cost and shipping. Trust me. I have a horrible memory and the mnemonics they have listed on here are great. G-R-E-A-T.
  4. by   jannah
    [FONT=System]thanx for the suggestion!!that would be a great help.