Difference between NCLEX- PN and NCLEX- RN???

  1. Hi everyone! I'm new to this site, so I hope that I'm entering this correctly! I took my LPN boards last year (passed my first attempt with 85 questions) and I'm taking my RN boards this year (end of June actually). Anyways I'm wondering how different the two exams are? I know that there is different delegations, different title has different scope of practice, but besides that type of thing what else would be different for the two exams?!?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I think you may get asked questions about reading EKGs. At least this subject is found in the review books. Expect that anything concerning IV therapy could be there. Never had to worry about this detail with the PN exam.
  4. by   Luv_n_RN
    The NCLEX-RN will include questions on patient management, delegation, setting patient care priorities.

    You might want to check out the NCLEX-RN Test Plan for more information. It can be downloaded at:

    Best of luck!
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