1. I live here in the Philippines and R.N. here do almost all of the things needed by the patient. I know that in the U.S. it is different. You have RN, LVN, CNA, LPN, etc. Each of these nurses have different responsibilities.

    Could you please give me the different responsibilities of these nurses? May I know what are the things that RNs could delegate and to whom could they delegate it with?
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  3. by   kathykaye
    remember not to delegate ASSESSMENT, TEACHING AND EVALUATION. that's it!
  4. by   bettorjon
    Are these three are the only ones that can not be delegated? No more no less?
  5. by   RNKay31
    Only delegate the most stable patients, and do not delegate a discharge patient.
  6. by   bettorjon
    What are the things that should be reported to the doctors immediately?