CGFNS: should I or shoul i not?

  1. i know this is an nclex discussion forum but i dont know where to post this thread.anyway, just wanna seek an advice from you all.i want to know if is it really necessary for me to take CGFNS exam.many people are telling me that it is not necessary since there are only about 5-6 states requiring it.But as what i Heard in the latest news, the Philippine embassy said that nurses planning to work in the US has to get the exam.They said that because also of the retrogreesion of nurses going in the US, there will be a time that the said exam would be required.And it is the only way for us to have the Visa really confused now.would i go immediately for nclex or not?PLEASE HELP!!!thanx
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  3. by   canoehead
    My understanding is that the state may not require it but to get a VISA immigration requires it, so you will have to provide proof of passing no matter where you end up accepting a job.

    I went through all that about 5 years ago though, the laws may have changed.