Calculating drip rate

  1. Hey everyone, let's say your answer from computing comes out to 31.25, the answer should be 31 right? But if it were 31.50, it would be 32. Do you have to always round when your answer is with a decimal place? Or answer the question based if the question asks to round off? Thanks.
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  3. by   julz68
    In NCLEX, the questions are very specific. It will tell you to what decimal to round to or it will say to round to a whole number. I wondered the same thing before I took my exam and someone on here told me the same thing...and they were right. I had 3 questions regarding dosage calculations and they were all quite specific. Hope this helps!
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    Hey, thanks julz68.
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    Quote from s30zurfing
    Hey, thanks julz68.
    No problem! Good luck! When do you take your NCLEX?
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    Thanks, my exam is this coming Monday, the 25th.
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    Great! Let us know if you do the PVT...I'll be checking back to read your post that you passed!
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    I passed! My mom found out at the BON website, but it has not hit me yet, I am still waiting for the official results by mail, ha.