Best Study Tool for the NCLEX?

  1. I'm planning on taking my NCLEX towards the end of October and I'm unsure as to what I should use to study with to be successful? I was unable to test after I graduated (which was last year) due to some issues with the board. However, I FINALLY have my ATT but since it's been so long since I graduated I don't know what to use to study with. I have the LaCharity book as well as the Saunders NCLEX one. I'm looking for a program to use. I've heard of Kaplan and UWorld but I'm unsure which I should purchase. I just would like to know if anyone has had success with any of these programs and which they prefer? I reaaaaally want to pass this attempt since it's been so long waiting to take it.
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  3. by   cyclone67
    I like Uworld much better than Kaplan. It is also much cheaper; since you are testing in October you can purchase it for 1 month. I believe that is 79$.
  4. by   morphadite
    Do you have any review books from when you graduated? I would use those. Also, I used uworld to prep for my NCLEX and I loved it. The membership is affordable and the program is great. It gives you very thorough answers.
  5. by   LugawanLugaw
    I was off school of 3 years and 2 months before my test date i used saunders nclex pn 6th edition online question, i did 100 a day for 2 months. I passed at 85 question with 45 sata in 1 hour
  6. by   bunnehfeet
    UWorld. It's all I used for about 3 weeks after I graduated. I passed in 75 questions. The question types are similar, the color and the look and feel of the online platform is the same as NCLEX, the practice exams show you how well you're performing and the rationales are the most thorough I've seen. My exam was a lot of SATA questions, and so is UWORLD, so I was prepared. A majority of my cohort for my BSN program also used UWORLD and they all have passed, many with minimal questions. It's not hype, it's as good a program as they say.
  7. by   Nurse_Drea_RN
    Kaplan is not as successful as it once was. I just passed my boards on the first try. Computer shut off at 77. I used and RN NCLEX mastery. I highly suggest the Lane Way. She has samples of her videos on YouTube. I promise you will learn more with her than you did in nursing school.

    Welcome | Nursing The Lane Way


    Respiratory the Lane way 1 - YouTube
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  8. by   anadoug
    Hey EM,
    I passed my boards with success , I used help from youtube questions and cert-guide ,
    Here are some resources for you
    NCLEX-RN Practice Quiz - YouTube
    NCLEX - NCLEX-RN Verified Questions | Cert-Guide
  9. by   Kratoswife
    UWORLD and LaCharity PDA
  10. by   NurseNicole89
    Another vote for UWORLD here! I had the 2 month subscription, started with the predictor assessment, did about 1400 questions from the qbank and took the second predictor assessment a couple of days before I tested and it said I had a 'very high chance' of passing. The rationales were the best I had seen. So even if you are getting questions wrong, as long as you are reading the rationales you are actively learning and engaging your mind!

    Best of luck to you!
  11. by   Ashmarie1985
    passed with Uworld, ncsbn review, rn mastery and books and DVDs
    Ashley Florida
  12. by   BoBoGo
    Quote from Ashmarie1985
    passed with Uworld, ncsbn review, rn mastery and books and DVDs
    Ashley Florida
    Ashmarie1985 - are you a rep for Nursingthelaneway? or are you Diana Lane? Liked the youtube. how do i see more?