ATT wainting period

  1. I just posted a question on the international forum but it's NCLEX related so I'm gonna posted it again. How long does it typically take for foreign educated nurses to get their ATT from Texas BNE? I submitted my application a month ago but seems like I never get a straight answer when I call. I submitted my CES report from CGFNS, my TOEFL scores, my fingerprint cards, my application and of course my registration with pearson vue. They say within 10 business days but forget about that I already passed 20 business days and still counting. Any speculations about what might be holding up my application? Thanks!
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  3. by   Heather, R.N.
    It took me a month and I'm from Texas and graduated here. Give it time! Their website says it can take upt o 6 months to get approved.