Application question

  1. I made a mistake on my application and sent it back in. How long will it take for them to respond and send me all the information to set up a testing date?
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  3. by   nursing85
    I made a mistake on my application too. I just called them on the phone and had to answer some questions. Then they sent me an e-mail verifying the corrections. Within 5 days I received the verification in the mail.

    The thing with your appointment (if you use Pearson Vue) for testing, once you receive your ATT, there is a pretty large window of availability to choose from. I went on-line and chose the closest Pearson Vue. Then, you can also check on-line to see how many opening they have on the days you want to test. I wanted to take mine on a Friday, but it was full, so I chose Thursday instead.

    Hope this helps.
  4. by   I KRISCOCHO I
    Thank you very much I had make a mistake and they sent me that same form in the mail to correct it. Would this also take 5 days?