anyone please!!!

  1. hi everyone new here, ummm i took the nclex-pn 2 times and failed, 1st time had 85q and 205 2nd, i thought that i prepared myself pretty good and i felt confident. any suggestions on how to study and pass? i seriously don't know what to study or how to prepare myself for another test.
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  3. by   ner123
    Recently I took NCLEX- RN.I am not from USA and English is not my native so it was not easy. I made approximatly 3000 questions. By this way I saw where is my week places and made more from this subjects.It helped and I passed.
    Good luck!!! Next time will be better.
  4. by   RN28MD
    Hello I have not taken this test but I do want to suggest that there is a Kaplan book out there that might help. They also have classes to help you with these test. Kaplan has tons of classes I would suggest you look into them. Good luck