anyone find out their results yet?? (who took it on 02/08/2007??

  1. I was just wondering if anyone found out their results who took it that day. I've checked the website, still no result yet! Some people said it takes three days, and with the holiday and weekend in CA BON, its only the second freaking out here!! It's been wayyy too long now. I stopped at 75 questions but I'm not sure what it means!
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    hey! I just called today, I've told them that my temporary license will expire next week and i need to know any feedback on my status , my exam stopped on 79 and i'm freaking worried already.But Unfortunately they told me that its too soon to give feedback and i have to wait 2-3 weeks for the result.I feel so tormented already i can't sleep By any chance you've got ur result earlier can you reply me please THNX SO MUCH.GOOD LUCK TO BOTH OF US