Anybody from Kansas? Please guide me

  1. Hi everybody,
    I got RN recently & would like to work in kansas city. I'm a Greencard & got 6 years of experience in Neuro surgical ICU(overseas hospitals). There are many hospitals in KC like menorah medical center, St.Luke's, KU med, St.Joseph,etc., I want to know which is best hospital to choose in the aspect of nurse-patient ratio , salary & benefits.

    I also would like to get some details about Trumen hospital & HCA Hospitals & also why many people in this thread are giving bad opinion about HCA hospitals , is there any strong reasons? what about their pay & benefits? is that very low?

    I'm new to kansas & also to US, so please guide me to choose a good work place with best job satisfaction, salary & benefits.

    If possible please give me the hourly billing rates for KU med & st.Luke's,etc.,

    Thanks in advance.
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