After many attempts, I finally passed my Nclex rn

  1. I want to thank Jehovah for his many blessings and helping me pass my boards finally. It wasn't easy after failing so many times, I finally prayed, study, and left it up to God. I went in on Saturday, took all 265 questions, didn't bother to take the experimental questions and Monday I did my quick result and boom 💥 I passed.

    Does anyone know how long it takes for New York to post the license on their site??
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  3. by   LuvCash
    You stated you attempted the NCLEX many times what was different this time around? What did you study? Congratulations! I know its a weight off your shoulders.
  4. by   Mykidsmylife
    It is a huge weight off my shoulders, Thank you so much . This time I used my strategy like I did in school to pass. I'm an A student and made the deans list in nursing school, so failing the Nclex broke me down so bad. I taught about how I studied to pass my test and exam in school. I read my notes and study the entire week before my exam and that was how I treated the NCLEX R.N., I did only few of my Uworld.