Advise Please!!

  1. I am a foreign graduated of BSN but I am also a foreign graduated medical doctor... I am in the process of taking my tests for my medical license in the states, just 1 more left and I will be able to apply for a residency but meanwhile i did all the paperwork to be able to take the NCLEX, so, Ill be taking the NCLEX in 4 days...

    I've been listening to a review (feuer review) and I found it interesting and very helpful. I was a nurse just for one year in Emergency Room. Im struggling with some of the nursing interventions because I have to keep in mind that I have to think as a nurse, so I am working on it... The topics about diseases, pathophysiology, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology dont worry me but I kinda feel scared to not be able to go thru the correct nursing interventions.

    I would like to know if there's any Diagnostic test I can take before I take the NCLEX, does any one know about a good diagnostic test...

    Do you guys have any advice for the NCLEX
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