advice for studying for ERI exit exam

  1. My school's exit exam is apparently hosted by ERI (Educational Resources Inc.). Does anyone have recommendations for how to study for an ERI exit exam?
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  3. by   Chaetognath
    Oops - I've learned that this is, of course, the HESI exit exam I've seen so many posts about. If anyone's taken this recently, let me know how you studied. Meanwhile, I'll be searching the forums.
  4. by   onduty23
    found eri to be very content heavy
  5. by   LPN0207
    ERI is all content, it seems....some therapeutic communcation. My school was all about ERI's
  6. by   Chaetognath
    Can you clarify what you mean by "content"? Do you mean it focused on details from all the reading we've done to get through nursing school?

    I do know what you mean by the therapeutic communication questions. I've seen lots of those on each ERI exam we have to take at the end of every semester (these don't affect our class grades, but we're required to take them anyway).
  7. by   onduty23
    content such as what s/s do you expect to see in stage 1 and so on