75 questions on NCLEX...

  1. I got 75 questions on NCLEX and truly feel like I blacked out during it because I don't remember how I did. I did not receive terribly too many SATA questions, but I got a lot of specialty topics (peds, psych) and specific drug questions. Two questions on asthma peak flow meter that I missed twice... I am feeling super unconfident. Has this happened to anyone else?
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  3. by   emmjayy
    I only got 75 as well. I was freaking out because while I knew I got a fair few right, I kept getting weird questions about a very specific topic (similar to your weird questions about asthma peak flow meter) and I knew the only reason I was getting those questions was because I must have missed one early on and was probably continuing to miss them. I freaked out, but I did end up passing!
  4. by   Astronaut
    Same, machine shut off at 75. Found out today from quick results that I passed.

    Anyhoo, the amount of SATA questions doesn't matter. I only got 6-7; I had a little running tally, and when it shut off I was devastated and figured I had bombed it. Had a weird mix of questions too and I had a hard time gauging it.
  5. by   v8989
    congratulations on passing!!
  6. by   v8989
    congratulations on passing!
  7. by   hopetopassnclex
    Congratulations Ladies!