75, 22 SATA (Kaplan, HESI)

  1. So I took the NCLEX today at 8 am. I did Kaplan and HESI. I literally had 22 SATA (I counted), 2 EKG's, 1 drag and drop and 1 med math. I am SO scared that I failed. My last question was a SATA and I think I got it right... but whoever really knows? I panicked and did that PVT test and 5pm and I got the "good" pop up, but I think I'll try again tomorrow just to be sure? UGH someone say something nice to calm me down
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  3. by   NICU Guy
    How well did you do in school and did the school have a high NCLEX pass rate? If you did very well in school and they have a high NCLEX pass rate, then you passed. It is very unlikely that a graduate that did very well in school would bomb the NCLEX so badly that it did not give them more than 75 questions.