3rd time taking the Exam HELP

  1. This is my third time taking the exam. The second time I thought I knew what i was doing on the Exam. I thought I was rationalizing correctly and eliminating the wrong answers even on topic that i was not sure of. Does any one have strategies that I should use on eliminating questions. I think i just freeze on questions. I have been studying again now I feel like i dont' know anything, I am using the Kaplan Qbank and I feel like Im not sure of what im doing. i am having trouble figuring out the content and however I know what the question is asking but the choices is having me second guess my self. Please help, I feel so empty, i have been tryign so hard to get back up and get back in the mood. I am writing the question out along with the answers after i take the test. is that help ful. please help on how i can increase my crtical thinking on the questions. i feel like i am ok with some content but the way to answer the question makes me nervous cause i keep thinking about how i failed. please help on how to block or negatives out.
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  3. by   Myxel67
    Work on using reasoning skills to work your way to the answer based on the content you know. If you are using a review book pay as much attention to the rationale given for the right answer as you do to what the right answer is. This is not the same as rationalizing.
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  4. by   dalegirl
    keep reading the rationales why the question is wrong or right, I am taking my exam this week and I am finding the kaplan strategies very helpful. When I did the question trainer, I would review the test and then I would retake the test even though I knew the answers using the strategies. Not only does it help compound a right answer but also helps you get to that answer. hope this helps, good luck
  5. by   Silverdaisyd
    I too will be retaking the exam for the third time. I too am scared, but confident at the same time. I felt confident the second time, however I know I can do it! I noticed that with me I read too far into the question and I too would second guess my answers. The one thing I have been focusing on is key words in the question to help me decide between the two answers I have narrowed it down to. Also reading the rationale gave me insight as to why it is more true than the other answer, so the rationales are helpful. It is just so tricky how you get stuck between two answers, but one is ALWAYS right. Good Luck to the both of us. When do you retake yours?
  6. by   Leilah75_RN
    good luck silverdaisyd and twotfruitty98...hope you both pass...pray and take a deep breath...you will be fine....