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So I took my NCLEX yesterday, and I got 265 questions. I am pretty distraught and nervous about the whole thing. I logged into my Breeze account and it has a drop down option of reapply for exam but then it also says RN-change address, and then I still have pending in the left hand corner. I am just really confused as to what is happening, and I am wondering if anyone else had that problem. I went on Pearson and it says no results. Does anyone have any advice for me?

Thank you!

Also, anyone from California have a hard time getting their results lately?

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If you really want to know whether or not you passed, just do the PVT. It works!

I have classmates that tried the PVT and it didn't give them the "good pop up" yet they still passed. I have heard that the trick doesn't work. I just want to know if anyone from CA that had recently taken the NCLEX had experienced the same thing?


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