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Nclex book question


I've failed and I'm gathering myself and moving forward. I've been told the Kaplan content book is great. Opinions? Also, I see 1st & 2nd editions of the book. Would the 1st be acceptable to use? I don't have the Kindle for the free 2nd edition and a friend had the 1st edition for sale for $10.


rob4546, ADN, BSN

Specializes in ICU. Has 7 years experience.

First off, you don't need a kindle to get the free copies of the Kaplan books. Go to Amazon and download the app/reader for multiple devices. I downloaded the app for windows platform and read it on my computer. I also downloaded the app for my IPOD touch but it was too small to read to be of any use.

The print copy of the older version would be better than nothing. The content may not have changed that much, just the testing plan for the NCLEX. Chest tube care is chest tube care, not big changes.

I would download both of the free versions from amazon and use both or the second edition.

You might also look into Hurst, I here it is better for content.