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All this talk about the peirson trick, and updating... is literally exhausting. I was one of the unfortunate ones to get to take all 265 questions. Took me 5 hours. Got home today around 2pm and have done nothing but sleep. I feel as if I ran a darn marathon.. and the not knowing is a real killer!!!! Not to mention so many of my classmates only got 80 questions. I just do not get it. Am i that STUPID that it took me that many questions to prove competence...Between this and nursing school.. it has aged me soooo much. I am 42 and lately feel 60 I have no energy, and just feel as if I am going to make a horrible nurse.

Guess just looking for support. Thanks all

keep feet on the ground!! I took mine yesterday AM, ended at 75, I read wholeheartedly each questions and omit selections that would harm the patient.I have more SATAs, multiples, New meds, procedures that new to me.

Nursing is continuous learning, non stop find ways how you can work effectively and be able to make a difference and always a blessings to others.Knowingly that our HEALING POWER can touched the life of others.Congratulations you did a good job.*_^