NCLEX anxiety

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Hi all,

I just graduated Nursing School in June 2021 with my ADN and I'm scheduled to test 3 weeks from now (August 10th). I've been studying using a couple resources like UWorld, Kaplan, and the Mark K lectures! 

My scores on UWorld are usually in the mid 50-60s (occasionally the 70s) and I had a 60% on the qbank overall but now its at 59%. On the Kaplan qbank and trainers my scores are about the same (mid 50-60s) and on both CAT exams I got green overall. 

However, I did the self assessment 1 on UWorld today and got borderline chance of passing and I gotta say I'm freaking out! I do have an idea of what my weak spots are (OB, Fundamentals) so I'm thinking of just focusing on those for the next couple weeks but I'm still sooooo nervous about this test!! I've heard of people failing despite studying a lot with UWorld and what not.. I've even heard people say they'd get a lot of questions about things they never even heard of or studied.. which makes the anxiety worse!

If anyone has any additional tips on how to remain calm and pass the NCLEX that would be great! Unfortunately, I have horrible Test Anxiety and it causes me to doubt myself sometimes ? when I went over the assessment I noticed that I probably would've gotten "high" if I would've went with my gut on some of the questions.. so frustrating! LOL 







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Deep breaths!! and Exhale!!! 3 times minimum slowly..........close your eyes while doing so.... 

Think positively.

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You have been preparing to take this test since you started nursing school. You know the material if you graduated, so deep breath, relax, and tell yourself...I know this stuff. NCLEX is a perfect world, so keep that in mind. The test wants to evaluate if you are going to be safe, it doesn't care if you know what pressures are required in hyperbaric treatment for necrotizing fasciitis (kudos to you if you do know ? ) . My point, you can know all the little facts there are too know in nursing, all the lab results, all the medications and not pass. The NCLEX is designed to evaluate wether you, as a new nurse can practice in a safe manner. Good luck, you got this. 


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I finally took the test and passed in 75 questions on my first try, thank you for the encouragement! ☺️



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congrats!! welcome to the RN world)


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On 8/27/2021 at 3:29 PM, Jessii_ said:

I finally took the test and passed in 75 questions on my first try, thank you for the encouragement! ☺️

So glad to hear it! Congrats