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NCCHC and ACA in correctional facilities


Does any one know how you get a job with one of these agencies.If you work in corrections you know that they are certification agencies for the health standards for inmates.I would like to be a surveyor or auditor.Please let me know if any one has info that could help me.


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Contact the Accreditation Director at either organization. I know that ACA has a course that must be taken (for $75.00 with no guarantee that you will be an auditor) before you will be considered. NCCHC used to have a class, usually at their Annual Conference, but I have not seen it offered in a long time. Auditors get paid a very minimal stipend and travel expenses, but it is a very important job in my view! Good Luck!

the first is you have to get your certification either CCHP for NNCH or CCN/M for ACA, then once passed the exam you can apply for a surveyor for the agencies; for more info you canvisit NCCHC.org or ACA.org

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