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NAU vs. UA traditional BSN programs/schedule/tuition

desertdog desertdog (New) New

Hey all! I am looking into NAU's Tucson BSN program as well as U of A's. I've seen some threads for the accelerated programs but I am specifically looking into the traditional BSN programs. I am wondering if there are any current Tucson students out there that can offer some insight into the programs. I'm mostly wondering about what the schedules are like. I know that NAU has a hybrid program but how many days are spent weekly in the classroom/clinicals? Also, I've heard that U of A's first semester has three days a week of class/clinicals and that second semester has four days a week of class/clinicals but I'm wondering what semesters 3 and 4 are like.

Also, do you like the programs? Instructors? Support?

I think that NAU-Tucson is about $3,100/sem and that UA is $5,100/sem but I'm not sure if this is correct. What kind of extra expenses are there?

I appreciate any insight that you can offer!!

ANY advice from NAU Tucson or U of A traditional BSN students or grads would be sooooooo appreciated :)