Natural Therapies


Can you use any complementary/alternative health therapy/natural therapies as a nurse to help patients? 

For instance in mental health, patients might benefit from various relaxing therapies like meditation, relaxation, yoga, using music/art etc. Maybe there are various programs that you could run or something to soothe a distressed patient. Or maybe even utilising herbal medicines. 

I read here Holistic nursing can include various treatments and practices: Therapeutic touch, Massage, Reflexology, Exercise and movement, Yoga, Tai chi, Guided imagery, Biofeedback, Aromatherapy, Energy therapies, Nutritional counseling, Cognitive therapy, Lifestyle counseling, Stress management, Breathing and relaxation techniques, Meditation, Mindfulness, Music and sound therapy, Art intervention, Acupress

-Maybe you could potentially teach patients mindfulness, music, yoga etc.

-Maybe you can run something like music or art therapy

 If so, what could you do?