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National University LA Cohort 25

by ki13 ki13 Member Pre-Student

Hey everyone,

Anyone here applying to National University LA campus (cohort 25)?  It's nerve-racking that there are only 19 spots!


I applied for LA cohort 25. Very nervous!

On 11/18/2020 at 11:16 PM, syphan319 said:


I applied for LA cohort 25. Very nervous!

Do you have experience? I read in other NU forums that it's 4 points in the interview portion.  I got the email today about the next steps and I was rlly hoping it was the email with an interview date.


I applied to National's Los Angeles campus (cohort 25) as well. Good luck to all of us!

@ki13 - I don't have a lot of experience. How about you? I started my hospital volunteer hours in Jan. 2020 and had to stop in March.

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@penguin22 - I volunteered at a dental office but I don't think it will count for anything.  Im surprised they still haven't given an interview date. Hopefully on Monday they send something out.

From their email, it sounds like interviews will begin starting Dec. 7th. We will be on pins and needles next week waiting for their email. LOL!

Anyone mind sharing their stats?

I have a 3.5 and 87.3 TEAS. How about you? 

@ki13 Those are excellent stats! I have 86 on my TEAS and 3.8 GPA (I think). I can’t remember which classes are applied to calculate the GPA and will need to check the previous forums. 

@penguin22 For the GPA it’s the anatomy and physio classes, micro, and bio stats I’m pretty sure. I wish I could’ve retaken my TEAS but the advisor made it seem like I was good with the score I had. But now that I have talked to other people with 4.0s and similar TEAS it’s making me regret it especially since I had so much time. 

@ki13 Thanks for the info! I took my TEAS three days before the Nov. 13th deadline and studied the weekend before the exam 😅. That wasn't a good idea at all! However, I was finishing up BST 322 and didn't have much time to prepare. 

Did the people you talked to with 4.0s and similar TEAS apply to NU LA 25 as well? The NU advisor I have been in contact with said the average TEAS score with each application pool varies and that two LA cohorts ago, their average TEAS was in the low 80s. I think your score is pretty competitive! I wonder what their acceptance cut-off score will be for our cohort.

@penguin22 yeah I've seen two other people who applied to cohort 25 in this fb pre-nursing California group.  One said they have a 4.0 and there was another with a 3.9 I believe. 

Hoping we get our interview dates/declinations today...