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Nashvillians--- Need some advice

My SO and I are both RNs and moving to Nashville in 3 weeks. I will be working at Vanderbilt and hopefully starting grad school in the fall. My SO will be starting anesthesia school in Madison in the fall. Where do you advise we live? I'm looking for specific places. I've heard great things about certain neighborhoods: Bellevue, 12th South, Nashboro, etc but having a hard time finding actual houses/duplexes/townhomes/condos to rent. Anyone happen to know of any good living establishments? We're on a budget, given the pay cut we'll be taking and being in grad school... Less than $800 per month. Would also be great to have a yard for our pup. Thanks much.

Bellevue is decent, just make sure the property didn't flood, that area got hit really hard. Also Franklin (Williamson County) is a great area and not too far but a little more expensive.


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