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Nashville ASN/AAS Programs

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Does anyone know if there are any nursing degree programs locally (Nashville) that offer online classes for all of the pre-req/gen ed classes? I'm hoping to find a program that would allow me to do coursework online and then obviously attend clinicals onsite.

PiperLambie, BSN

Specializes in Emergency Nursing.

Nashville State CC has online classes available- I took all but my science pre-reqs that way. The hard sciences (A&P 1-2, Microbio) you are going to have to put in some face time in class to take with the lab component. Based I what I have been informed of, my understanding is that none of the colleges/universities in the area accept online/virtual hard sciences/labs for admission to medical-based programs.

I went to columbia state. They offered A&P online there! That included lecture/lab


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