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My New Job!!

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by DallasRN DallasRN (Member)

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Some of you may remember my posts back in May/June about the absolutely horrible job I had with a local agency...my first HH position. After many years of a rather decent nursing career, that job was demoralizing. I was worried I wouldn't be able to get another job with my lack of experience combined with only about 3 1/2 months at that agency. Generally a bad situation. Some of you were so encouraging and I thank you!

Now for the good news. Back in early August I FINALLY got a decent interview and knew from the minute I walked in the doors it was a place I wanted to work. Warm, welcoming, inviting. The clinical manager was encouraging and well aware of my lack of experience but willing to train me. (And I think she'll be tough in a warm way - which is good). It's a major player in the DFW area. Large area, many branches. It took weeks to get the background stuff done. The pay wasn't as high as I had made at the awful place but I had learned that lesson. Money isn't everything and a few dollars isn't the end of the world.

In the interim, I was offered another job - smaller agency, higher pay. I took a gamble and held out for the good place. Need I tell you I started a couple of weeks ago? WooHoo!!

I've ridden with several nurses that have been there for 5-7 years and LOVE their job. I've been to a case conference with staff from all over the DFW area and sure enough...they've all had that same vibe...warm, welcoming, love their jobs, happy, eager to share their knowledge with me.

I've found my home in nursing. My goal is to be the best HHN for this company I can possibly be. That means I'll likely be coming here and asking questions frequently. I'm just as happy as can be with the way things have turned out. I'm only working PRN (my choice) but will probably be able to work almost as much as I want. I had told the manager I am perfectly willing to take call, work holidays/weekends, etc. once trained. I'm single with no kids so it really isn't a big deal for me. Anyway, all is great!

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Kaisu has 2 years experience and works as a Hospice.

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I am delighted to hear this. I too am absolutely privileged to work in a wonderful agency. It really makes all the difference in the world. Please post again to let us know how its going.

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