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MY NCLEX-PN Story (Part 1)

Hello all, I wanted to share my NCLEX-PN story with you. I graduated my LPN program on July 2 2014, my financial standing was not so great at the time so it took me a while to collect all the fee for the whole testing processes. While getting that situated my nerves were getting worse as the time kept expanded between graduation and testing day. I wanted to test soon after graduation while content was still fresh in my mind. Needless to say, I ended up schedule my exam for August 11, 2014. The day of testing i was extremely nervous!!!! I was one of the last to test in my class, everyone was getting great feedback, stopping at 85 questions ans getting Passing Results. I had my heart set on only getting 85 questions...... I took my exam and I got to question 85 and it kept going...... I had to answer all 205 question :( I felt so defeated and I was extremely disappointed. I left the testing site and tried to PVT and it send my to the cc page. I had already made up in my mind that i had failed before I got up from the computer. I waited the 2 days and did the quick results and it was official.... I DID NOT pass my NCLEX on the first try :( stay tuned for Part 2.....


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