My kid is THAT kid

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Even though I'm not a school nurse, I frequently read yalls posts on the whats new list because you all and your stories are quite entertaining!

So as any nurses kids, my kids know (or at least I thought they did) that if you're not bleeding or gravely ill, we're not gonna be making a big hoopla out of all your perceived ills. Imagine my surprise when at a parent teacher conference yesterday I'm told my dear sweet 4th grader has become a school nurse frequent flyer, asking to go down there sometimes 2-3x a week! [emoji33]

First, I had to contain my laughter because I automatically thought of this board and then I explained to the teacher my home's "rules of illness" and that I 100% supported her future judgment in denying my child her lil forays to the nurse. All I can think of is this kid, denied her rightful sympathy at home from nurse mom, has been going down there beggin a little sympathy and yalls saltines, salt water and cough drops! Call me mortified [emoji15]

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THANK YOU MOMMA !! Now that is refreshing !! Wishing all or most parents were as supportive as you are :yes:

My kid was THAT kid and I am a School Nurse. When I found out I near died! Needless to say he and I had a chat that evening about what does and does not constitute a need to go to the Nurse's office at school. :facepalm:

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It's great that parents can be supportive of teachers in not sending kids off to the nurse daily. As a former teacher, it's also great that there are school nurses because when you think about psychology and kids needing attention, sometimes it is nice for them to get a bit extra and take a break, even if they aren't gravely ill. My advice would be to make sure that all parents spend quality time with their kids and make sure they feel important and loved. It's hard to devote quality time to your kids, but it sure is important. And of course, there will always be kids who either for attention or experimentation, will want to go to the nurse a lot anyway.

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I can look at it both ways because a student does not make it down the clinic without passing it through a teacher.....where is the common sense judgement of our staff? Some days I swear they don't have any.



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My younger daughter was in 1st grade during the really tough part of my nursing school years. I swear the school nurse called me twice a week with her in the office because she had bumped her head or fallen off something or whatever. I never determined whether it was a bid for attention (since I was never home) or if it was just a really clumsy year for her...



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I threatened my youngest....."if you go to the school nurse one more time......"

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Both of my boys earned "FF" status when they entered Kindergarten as soon as they discovered the joys of getting out of class to visit the sweet school nurse (LOVE HER!). Every day there would be a little note, "bumped head", "fell on the playground", "pokes self in eye".. I finally had to tell them to leave the poor nurse alone and suck it up.

My 4th grader, who has migraines- still sees her pretty regularly. She's awesome at determining if it's an actual migraine or a "having a math test" headache.