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My friend Cathy.


About 10 yrs ago, during my time working as a bedside nurse in Medical Surgical Unit, I was able to care for irritable and uncooperative old male patient with Lung Cancer patient Stage IV. He was admitted due to poor nutrition and needed to be hydrated. At first meeting I had with him, he was mumbling to himself telling "Just go away I needed a doctor and not you". Although I heard it but still I tried to establish communication and let him know that I am here caring for him. I didn't know what to feel after I left his room, in other words, I don't know exactly what he is going through and what I can do is to give what is due care for him. For his 2 weeks stay in the hospital, I always requested to be assigned to him because I am up for the challenge to myself that he will not go home without remembering my name as his nurse. Of course this was not easy, everyday was a struggle for me.

One day, while I gave his medications. I saw a hair comb at the bedside table and I said to him "Please let me comb your hair, I don't want your wife and the kids see you with your hair pointing to all over" and I saw him turning red and smile a bit. After I combed his hair I blurted out " I just came to realize that I am lucky to actually take care of a celebrity." He just mumbled the words "Thank you" and replied to him with a happy face" You're welcome". After few minutes, his family came to visit him. That was the time also I met his youngest child Cathy. She waited me outside of the room and talked about his father and never ending Of apologizing me how difficult it is to handle his father as a patient and I was surprised because Cathy knew my name because his father mentioning it to them how comfortable he was when I am his nurse. It was really flatterring to hear it and greatly appreciated those kind words she said. As the the day getting nearer of his discharge, I became closer with his family. The patient said to my Nurse Manager that I am his favorite nurse. Cathy gave me a letter just before his father discharge and said that they will find me again whenever his father will be admitted again soon. To my surprise, after a month his father got admitted but in another unit. Cathy came to unit telling me that his father was looking for me if I can visit him which I did and make him smile. I said to him that it will be my last day of duty because tomorrow was the start of my vacation leave which make him sad a bit but I said he will always be in my prayers.

After 3 days, Cathy's father passed away, I just got the news when I came back from work after 2 weeks and got sad with the news. Cathy came back to the nursing unit to see me with her mother inviting me to come over in their house for dinner which I gave in to their invitation and met the whole family. I felt I was instantly became part of their beautiful family.

Now, Cathy is still my friend. We are not best of friends but she remains a sweet friend to me. She always visited me in the nursing unit when she will have her physical rehab in the hospital. She never fail to remember my birthday and kept me updated with her family. Never ending invitation of family gatherings and confide with me like her big sister if she has a problem, share her joys for her achievement etc. I think I should correct myself, Cathy is not only a friend but also a sister from a different mother. Such a rewarding profession with unlimited care, love and compassion.