My first nursing home job!

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I went to my interview earlier today, the ADON is VERY nice, very laid back and I was really blown away she chose me out of the 61 apps on her desk, she said "I usually wait for someone to call about their app, then go by how I feel about them on the phone, then send them in for an interview, and that was you!" I was all giddy when she told me lol.

The pay (since i'm a fresh CNA) is 9.00 to start, which sucks and she knows that she said she was a CNA once and finds the salary disgusting and she sends in a request every chance she gets to raise her cna's salaries.

I met some of my co-workers too, pretty nice from what I could tell, but we'll see, working together is allot like living together with a friend that can either go good or bad :p

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Congrats! Does your facility offer shift differentials? If so, your pay will probably be a lot better & the $9/hr will be your "base" salary.