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Happy New Year Colleagues,

I would like to have some years of practice in Nordic Countries. Could any one help on registration processes.



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I am a US citizen studying Nursing in Quebec, Canada, going into my third and final year.

The program is different here than elsewhere in North America. In order for my "RN" status to be transferred to any other Provence or the States, I would need to complete an additional 2-3 years at a local University and complete the BSN, for a total of 5-6 years of schooling, for something that elsewhere is usually 4 years. Then I would still need to do the NCLEX-RN afterwards.

I am looking for a way to shorten that, and get back home as soon as possible, by either finding a US school to transfer my credits to and completing the BSN or any other method that I might not know of.

I am originally from MN, but am thinking of moving to TX.

Any help in which direction to move would help.

Thank you!


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Definitely go to the U.S  and get a one year BSN or look at Alberta for a one year BSN. University of Toronto also has a one year BSN program. Also, you can  just sit for the NCLEX IN the U.S .They will evaluate your education and tell you what you need in order to sit the exam. If one state gives you too much trouble, just choose another state. Keep us posted.