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MUSC ABSN Fall of 2015


I know this is still a little early, but I wanted to go ahead and make the thread so all prospective students could prepare. My credentials aren't nearly as good as a lot of people who have applied, but I felt like it was worth a shot since MUSC is my last chance at a BSN before I just do the ADN and bridge to BSN later on.

I should have right at a 3.1 at the time of my application. Made a C in Anatomy, a B+ in Physiology, and a B- in Chemistry. Microbiology will be in progress next semester, and I made pretty much As in every other non-science pre-req. I'm hoping that my volunteer and work experience will buffer my low GPA and grades :)


I will be applying for the Fall 2015 semester. As of right now I have a 3.5 cumalative gpa, a 3.1 science, and a 3.1 pre req gpa. I have 70 volunteer hours and I am working on getting another 30 now to have an even 100. I do not have hospital work experience however I am enrolled to start the nursing assistant program at trident and once I complete that I plan on getting a job in a hospital as a pct. I already have my essay complete, I am just stuck on finding a 3rd reference however I am working on it.

Are re you instate or out of state SummerWertz?

I need one more reference, too! Ahh. The professor I was going to use left my school at some point and is teaching somewhere else.

I'm instate.

My husband is military so I get to claim in state even though I am not truly in state lol... how much volunteer and work experience do you have?

I submitted my application for priority admission yesterday. I'm excited to have the first step complete. Good luck to everyone!

What are your stats sarah5467?

My science gpa is 4.0, pre req gpa is 3.889, cum gpa is also 3.889. I have done volunteer work, but nothing in the medical field.

You GPA's are really good, I am hoping that even without medical field work that volunteering will be enough lol

Have you applied to any other schools? My first choice is obviously MUSC, but I also applied to Trident Tech. They offered me a start date of Spring 2016. I'm hoping Merit Placement will move that up some. I'm also looking for other options in case I don't get into the program at MUSC.

I really do not want to go to Trident Tech for actual nursing because it would be 5 semesters of schooling just to get an ADN and I want my BSN so my goal is MUSC because its four semesters for a BSN, if I don't get in for Fall 2015 or Spring 2016 then I am going to apply at a school in Florida where I am from and go back there for a year.

I feel the same. It took me 2 years to get the pre-reqs and my goal is to have my BSN after 2 more years. I've been getting my ducks in a row so that I can quit working if I get into the program. All I need now is an acceptance letter! :-)

same here! I've heard it is harder to get in for fall so I'm not getting my hopes up but I would love to get in earlier than I'm thinking lol.

I'm also looking into Trident if I don't get accepted into MUSC. As of yesterday I have officially applied to MUSC, so fingers crossed I get good news in March or April

I'm applying on the fifteen once fall semester is over! we should find out no later than March! :)

If you applied for priority admission, keep an eye on the mailbox! I received an acceptance letter. Good luck to everyone!

Wow awesome! Congrats! I really hope I get in lol

Got my letter today... Anyone else?

What are your stats tellytubby?