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As a male nurse

I feel exhausted like female nurses

I hold my pee for a long time like female nurses

I eat late or sometimes eat while charting like female nurses

I love my coffee just like some female nurses

I get late with charting and med pass just like female nurses

I got kicked,slapped and cursed by patients just like female nurses

I get yelled at by MD's just like female nurses

I clean poop and pee in bed or on the floor or phlegm on the wall like female nurses

I do not know everything (you know something I do not know and vice versa) like female nurses

I had a hard time at school just like what female nurses had

I care for my patients like female nurses

I am an advocate, a brother, a hero for patients like a female nurse (they are just called sister



I feel

SATISFIED after a 12 hour shift knowing that I am a Nurse and I made something different that day... just like female nurses.

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A couple of things I'm going to take slight issue with;

1) No such word as 'murse', a big bugbear of mine. I am a nurse.

2) "I get yelled at by MD's just like female nurses". Sod that, remember, male doctors went through school the same as you did and deep down they remember the playground (schoolyard) where if you shouted at another boy you had to back it up. Stand up to them and ask them "Who do you think your talking to"? Works for me and all our doctors treat me with respect. Helps of course that now I am now as old as their parents.

The rest? I agree with everything you wrote - keep it up bro.

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What is the obsession here about comparing yourself to a female? I don't get it.


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I too, hate the term Murse. it makes men who are nurses sounds like mice or something. Silly.


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I like something you dont like.. you like something i dont. MURSE MURSE MURSE!!

Poor murse, having to deal with the same sh&t as a female nurse. You're a d*mn hero. Except that you probably make more than me.

Poor murse, having to deal with the same sh&t as a female nurse. You're a d*mn hero. Except that you probably make more than me.

This was rude. I'm sorry.



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I don't get the uncomfortable holding of the urine. When it's time to go - go! The patient can wait. There's a department full of staff that aren't going to let someone die. Rescue the rescuer. You've got to help yourself before you can help someone else.

Mr. Murse

Mr. Murse

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I feel sorry for all of you who work places that being male nurse really makes any difference at all aside from the occasional patient not wanting a man bathe them or put a foley in.

Male or female, don't let doctors yell at you. You're both professionals and a few extra years in school does not make them a superior human being.

Male or female, go pee when you have to. If you're patient's not coding, there are very few other situations that can't wait 2 or 3 minutes while you take a leak (and yes I work on a busy unit in a busy city hospital).

Not sure what prompted you to write this, but chances are you aren't perceived nearly as differently for being a male nurse as you make yourself out to be.