how much hire level math is required for nursing?

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or is it just basic math?


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Do you mean higher level math? It depends on your school. My school (ADN) just changed the requirement to include a statistics class and college algebra.

Just basic math. I've never used stats at my job and find my stats class a waste time.....


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Basic math and (very) basic algebra

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For the job of nursing you'll need basic math and some basic algebra. For nursing school, you'll need basic math, algebra, and maybe statistics.

Depends on the school, type of degree and what field of nursing you will be going into. From what I've seen most of the BSN and higher degree programs require college algebra and statistics. Many of the ADN programs (do Diploma programs still exist!?) are starting to require the same. Med/surg and most types of acute, non-critical fields you pretty much just use basic math. In the critical care areas you are likely to use some algebra (but there are apps, books, charts etc now for almost everything you need to calculate!). For areas such as Research you will definitely be using statistics.


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For the actual job of a typical staff nurse on the floor, you're not doing more than basic math, at its most complicated solving for x in a simple equation. But you also need to know how to set up the equation given real world circumstances and relying on memorized conversion factors. For the pre-reqs of nursing school the previous poster is correct - you will likely need to pass college algebra and statistics, as well as chemistry, which is kinda math-heavy.

Most of the math I use every day I learned in high school (solve for x) and chemistry (converting several factors at once in one long equation). I find that I use the latter in drip rates because I work peds and the meds are weight based.

I'm sorry I just realized I put "hire" instead of "higher" maybe I need a higher level English class lol

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lol I thought you were referring to a level required for hiring. oops You will need to imporove your spelling.

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You'll be using fractions. Basic stuff other then that.