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10mths later. Best study strategy from this point is?

Due to life happening my board's were put on hold for the last 10mths . I'm now ready to continue/complete the 1st part of my journey to becoming a Nursing. I have Saunders 5th edition, Lippincott & I would like to do the Hurst Review online for the content. Not quite sure what the best study plan is from this point...Please share what worked best for u. I feel like I'm all over the place...Some one any help! Thx in advance! :)


It took me a few months to take my NCLEX PN. All I did was the hurst review online and found it to be quite helpful. It really helped with understanding contents. I also went out and bought the exam cram book for practicing questions. I also downloaded the NCLEX Mastery App on my phone as well. Those were the three things I used and it helped me pass.

Hurst Review Online

Nclex 4000

LaCharity PDA :)

Just those three. Good luck!


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