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MSU Denver ANO 2021 Start


Hello all! Wondering who all are applying to the MSU Denver ANO program to start Spring 2021. I’m taking the HESI for the first time next week. Very nervous. I’ve heard application numbers will be lower this year due to COVID and all. I wonder what classes and clinicals will look like when the program starts.

Hey! I started another thread for this program that a couple people have commented on! I took my HESI a week ago and submitted my application! I am finishing up Microbiology this fall semester and hoping for an acceptance! I talked to Karen Becker, the nursing advisor, and asked her about classes and clinicals with covid. She told me that the nursing program is still doing in-person classes and allowing the students more time in the simulators if clinicals are affected, or something to that degree. It sounded promising though, like they are still ensuring that the current nursing students are getting a good education and having a lot of experiences despite covid!