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MSN Programs!!!

dbanaRN dbanaRN (New) New

Looking to apply for Master's programs and looking for recommendations.

I prefer 100% online, but can do split between online and real classroom.

Thank you!

I'm sorry: nurse practitioners or nurse educator programs.

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

Specializes in NICU, ICU, PICU, Academia.

Those are two completely different career paths. I think some time deciding EXACTLY what you want is on order.

SopranoKris, BSN, RN

Specializes in Critical Care.

Are you looking for programs in Michigan where you have a campus? (e.g. MSU, UM, Marysville, Ferris, Spring Arbor, etc.) or are you looking for any type of online program?

As stated above, you really need to narrow down whether you want to be a nurse practitioner (diagnose patient, prescribe medications, etc.) or if you want to be a nurse educator (prepare lesson plans, teach class, grade assignments, etc.). They are 2 completely different fields and the education you pursue depends on which career trajectory you want to take.


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