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MSN in Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality

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by RNallison RNallison (New) New Nurse

RNallison has 4 years experience and specializes in Pediatrice Nurse.

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Hi, I am a pediatric bedside nurse and have been here for 4 years. I found that I am very interested in ways to prevent errors such as late rescues and pin point what could have been done better. Because of this I am thinking of getting my MSN in Quality and Patient Safety. I have seen a couple of online masters programs that I would be interested in. Has anyone completed any of these online programs? Is it possible to complete with a full time 3day 12hr shift schedule? And is it even worth it? 

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JordiesMomRN has 9 years experience and specializes in CCU, Infection Control.

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I there!

I am a quality management specialist (QMS) and I love my job!  I would recommend that you try "shadow" a QMS at your place of employment to really get the feel of what we do.  Keep in mind that different employers will have different job descriptions etc......  I thought I wanted to be an infection preventionist.  Long story short, I hated it!!  That's why I recommend learning more about the specialty before working towards an MSN in that specific concentration.  I have my MSN in Leadership.  I obtained it while like you, working 3-4 12 hr shifts a week.  My son was about 16y/o then (no little ones) so it was definitely doable and so worth it for me.

Good Luck on whatever you decide!

Check out the IHI website, as well as NAHQ.org


Hi There! 


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