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MSN online: National American University


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Hi Everyone!

Anyone familiar with the MSN online program at National American University?


According to the website, the MSN's emphasis is in nursing education. The curriculum lists 9 courses, and 2 capstone related courses, for a total of 11 courses for the entire program.

The final 2 courses are: the Nursing Capstone Project, and the Nursing Capstone Practicum: Simulation or Online.

Any thoughts about this MSN program would be appreciated!



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Have you contacted NAU about the program yet?

There is a "Request Info" link and a "Contact Us" link at the right hand side of the web page.

Your questions may be better answered by NAU faculty who are familiar with the requirements of the courses, capstone project, and practicum for MSN completion. This may assist you in finding more about NAU's MSN program.


Update us with what you find out! The information may assist others who have the same questions about the program.