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MSN-FNP 100% online vs. blended programs-opinions

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by Misskala Misskala (New Member) New Member

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I'm interested in hearing people's feedback on doing the FNP program wholly online. I'm looking at both formats right now. The advantage of this one online program I am considering, is that it is well paced and completes in 2 years (I'm looking at Olivet Nazarene in IL.) The biggest hesitation I have currently is missing out on simulation labs. I guess more bonding with cohorts, and during group projects might happen greatly as well in a blended program, and be a benefit for learning. I'm not convinced instruction is necessarily "better" or "more" in a face-to-face classroom environment. So I am OK with instruction being online.

I completed my BSN through an accelerated online BSN completion program and did that in 6 months including practicum (but I held a previous bachelors which helped get general study classes out of the way.) So I feel like I could handle a well paced online environment.

Anyway, since this IS a masters and it IS for becoming a Nurse Practitioner.....I just want to make the best choice, and get the MOST out of learning and practice.

Thanks everyone for chiming in! Really looking forward to hearing your stories, the pluses and minuses, the things to look for,the pitfalls, the glory, etc. Really excited to take these next steps with other nursing professionals! Cheers!:cat:

PS- planning on getting the MSN and then doing a DNP post degree.

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applesxoranges works as a ER.

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Mine is like 95% online. Each program is different. I have heard that one school doesn't really offer lab options and their clinical placements are horrid so 70% of students get their own. I personally have opted to do it online and I take additional classes on my own time. I did Advanced Prep when they came to my area and I am honestly really impressed. I wish I could go to their skills conference but it conflicts with the one requirement of my school.

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