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MSMC ADN program spring/2009 mount saint marys nursing

Hi ALL!!!, it took me a while to actually sign up for this website but I just wanted to see if there are any other ADN SPRING/2009 applicants for mount saint marys program. I had my interview like a week and a half ago and I think it went well but they said it was going to take until around december 12th to hear any news. Ive heard from some people that if you get a interview its a very very very good sign and ive heard from other people that they dont take everyone!! does anyone know??? I am just really nervous, anxious, and worried. Has anyone hear heard anything down the grape vine of how many transfer students they will accept? I hahehehe, lets all share ideas!!! it will help put me at ease. If anyone wants to chat or help me out I would greatly appreciate it THANKS!!!!

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