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Moving to WHC from Canada

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by Leyna_baby Leyna_baby (New Member) New Member

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Hi Nurses!

Im an RN working and trained in canada with a BSN, I have an interview at Washington hospital center in DC in July. Just wanting to know a few things about the hospital and area to help me with my decison.

1. what is the difference between the RN residency and RN fellowship programs?

2. which areas are the best to live in and affordable on RN salary? what is the commute like via transit or car?

3. Taxes in canada are much different than the US, are taxes deducted from each pay cheque and if yes what percentage? any other deductions?

4. is it a struggle to get paid time off that your contract entitles you to?

I'm also interested to hear from any nurse who has moved to WHC from canada or another state and what it was like. Thanks!

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