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Moving to Torrance Area- looking for LVN-RN schools


I graduate next week from an LVN program in Santa Maria, and in about a year my family is moving to either Torrance or Orange County more likely than not. I am wondering where are good LVN-RN or LVN-BSN programs in the area, I have been looking online... But you all know how that goes. I was hopeing to get some feeback from you who lived or have recently lived in the area. I don't think I will have much luck finding a job until early next year, even if the job market starts looking better, so I am finishing my Cal State Gen-Eds as well as Phys and Micro this year at the community college. Even if we were going to stay in the area we are now, the community college's lvn-rn program is severely backlogged. I'd like to start putting in applications so that I can start school soon after moving to the new area.

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