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Moving to DFW area

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Hello all!

I'm a recent new grad as of May.  My fiancé and I were planning to move out to DFW sometime next year, but we moved the date closer because I'd like to get settled in my career rather than train and leave. 

I'm so excited to be moving to TX but I haven't heard back from any hospitals I've applied to.  I'm getting the impression that TX hospitals REALLY prefer you to have a residency, rather than a job on the floors as a GN.  Due to moving sooner than planned, I missed all the residency deadlines that start in Fall.  It's difficult not being from the area at all and trying to figure this all out on my own.  I've applied to Parkland, UTSW, BSW, and looking to apply to Methodist, and Medical City.  Could anyone give me any word of advice?  Should I give up on anything that's not a residency, or just keep applying for jobs?  Any hospital that's great and hire's GN?MUCH APPRECIATED.

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not.done.yet has 8 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care; Cardiac; Professional Development.

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In DFW the only way into acute care is through a new grad residency/internship. New grads generally are not hired directly to the floor. They only happen a few times a year, are extremely competitive and usually have hundreds of applicants for just a few slots, with the higher demand specialties akin to winning the lottery (NICU, ICU, ER, L&D). If you have a two year nursing degree you will not be a competitive applicant. DFW is saturated with new grad nurses due to all the nursing programs in the area churning out new grads every few months. There is not an acute care position for every new nurse that would like one and that is only considering those who already live here. Moving here from out of state as a new grad with no experience isn't going to be easy.

If you need to work, you will need to expand your applications to include positions that are not in acute care. LTACH, SNF, corrections, home health etc. Parkland will occasionally hire a new nurse directly to the floor but it is very, VERY rare. Again, much like winning the lottery. No other hospital in the DFW area will at this juncture.

Never move to an area without a firm job offer in hand that has given you a start date and salary info in writing.

You will find it much easier to make this move as an experienced nurse. I would highly HIGHLY recommend you stay where you are, use your connections to secure an acute care job there and then move after a year or two of experience. You will get a lot of responses as an experienced nurse. Whatever you do, do NOT move here banking on finding a job. Only make the move if you actually have one.

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