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Moving to austin july 2017

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I am moving to Austin, TX for my husband's job this summer. He will start around July/August. We are looking to move sometime @ end of June or beginning of July.

I am an RN with 6 years PICU experience moving from the New Orleans area. It seems like the consensus is Dell Childrens is the best place to work. Are there any other places I should apply? When should I start applying? Should I look for a potential travel position first? Would ideally like to start @ this end of July or beginning of August.

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I'm also moving to Austin this summer. I applied to Seton and was offered a job at Seton Main. I started applying a month ago. From other threads St. Davids appears to be the other main hospital system. I haven't seen too many postings for travel nursing. As to which hospital system is the best? I like the mission of Seton and what they stand for. They are nonprofit plus they are a Magnet hospital.

I was wondering what the payscale is like .. moving from NY with ASC exp :/ I've heard 22/hour is that accurate ?