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Moving to Augusta, GA

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Im moving to Augusta, ga in July and have started looking for jobs but i dont see a lot of positions open on the hospital websites. I was wondering if they have a hiring freeze there. If not what is the best hospital to work at>

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All the hospitals there are pretty good. I went to nursing school at MCG and did clinicals all over Augusta. It depends on what you are looking for in a work place. Do you want a big private hospital - University. Do you want a teaching hospital - MCG. Want to be a civilian working with the military - Eisenhower Medical Center. Want small faith based hospital - Trinity. Regular sized private hospital known for it's burn unit - Doctor's Hospital. There are lots of choices and jobs available. Maybe not the job you want right now but you should be able to start a job in the hospital you desire and then transfer to the position that you want within a few months.

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