Moving to Abingdon, Maryland

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i am about to move in Abingdon, Maryland end of this month,And i am planning to continue my nursing career but the problem is i don't know Where to start, i am 2008 Nursing graduate from the Philippines and I am considering to start as a LVN. Please give me good advise about it. thank you.

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I have some questions. Are you moving here from the Philippines, another country, or another state in the US? You said continue your nursing career....So, I'm assuming that you have worked as a nurse before. Are you considered a RN or LPN? Did you work as a nurse in the Philippines? If you're moving here from another country or a non-compact state, the 1st thing you'll want to do is start with getting a license. They will let you know what you need to do to obtain a license as far as education or testing requirements. You say you finished nursing school in 2008, but if you've never taken a test or worked as a nurse, then you may need to take some refresher courses and then take the NCLEX. You should definitely start with the board of nursing.