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Moved to Northern California

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Hi there,


I recently moved to the South Bay Area from Los Angeles. I used to be in an RN program but failed out. I still would like to go for my RN but how do I make my application stronger? The schools I’m interested in are:

Evergreen cc, hartnell cc, Cabrillo, Monterey, and Gavilan college so far. 

I'm taking a cna class to be certified. After that I’m thinking of taking EMT to refresh my anatomy and physio and be certified. 

I don’t know if it’s worth repeating anatomy and physiology because currently I have

anatomy Grade B (taken in 2013)

physio Grade B  (Taken in 2014)

micro grade A 


I’ve also been an Medical assistant for 5 years. Any input is appreciated. I haven’t taken the TEAS 6 yet either I only taken version. 5

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Samuel Merritt University. Just get a loan and pay the big bucks, you should get in within a year or less. It’s worth it. 

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